dotPH Registry Lock

Protect your domains at the highest level - The Registry

Registry Lock - What is it?

With domain hijacking incidents being reported more frequently, it is highly important to add additional security for your domains. Registry lock offers the multiple levels of verification before any changes to your domain are applied.


dotPH Registry Lock is a premium service to prevent hijacking of your PH domains. Domain hijacking is when an unauthorized action is done on your domain. It could be a change in registrant, nameserver or DNS records, or an outright transfer of your domain. These changes would cause you to lose access to your domain and could endanger your customers to phishing attacks.

Your Online Identity

With dotPH Registry Lock, any change to your domain will go through several layers of verification to ensure that the changes requested are valid and authorized by you. A dotPH representative will contact you whenever a change is requested on your domain and you will need to verify your identity through security questions and additional information.

Registry Lock - Verification

What happens once I subscribe to the service?

You will be required to setup security questions and provide documentation to verify ownership of your domain. A dotPH representative will contact you to authenticate the information that you submitted. Once that’s done, your domain will be locked at the registry level and you will be contacted every time a change is requested to verify the authenticity of the request.

Registry Lock is available for the following ccTLDs:

  • .PH
  • .COM.PH
  • .NET.PH
  • .ORG.PH


$ 100.00

/ year
Apply to: